Karoline Strys

[Workshop] The Listening Body  

// Exploring the intersections on how sound and movement can be perceived  

Listening means to perceive sound and is in itself, just as sound, bound to a  body. This workshop aims at experiencing sound as kinesthetic event.  Starting from questions concerning the specificity of listening, we will delve  deeper into tasks in order to enhance our perception on how our auditive and  bodily systems merge into one another.  

Further, we want to investigate listening, making things audible, resonating  with ones own voice(s) and explore how movement is relating when listening  – just as a movement – obtains a direction into space. A sound evolves  through oscillation and is received or heard via oscillation. In that sense  listening is a physical sensation that in itself already is movement. A body of  listening evolves. 

The research on the Listening Body derives from the interdisciplinary  performance project „Gesumms – vom Unerhörten“ that had been developed  in collaboration with voice anthropologist Ulrike Sowodniok and presented in  different formats and venues.  


Karoline Strys is an artist working on the shore of dance, theater and voice.  As a choreographer and dancer she is interested in the interlinkage of  different fields aiming at creating an art of moving, to move and make move.  She is a member of the all-female music ensemble the Psychedelic Choir and  co-founder of the make a move collective, a site-specific performance group  that is using elements of contemporary dance and Parkour in order to  broaden the perception of our daily-life urban architecture. She is further one  of the curators of the Profitraining Köln e.V. and a teacher of Contact  Improvisation. 



[further reading] 

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