Josefine Lukschy & Alexander Meurer

Sat_Arts: 08:00 am – 2:30 pm Josefine Lukschy & Alexander Meurer – “Primera Línea – sonic artifacts and aural documents from the social movement in Chile of 2019” // 2:30 pm – 10:00 pm ARK Kollektiv – “Arkestrated Rhythmachine Komplexities”

[Title] Primera Línea – sonic artifacts and aural documents from the social movement in Chile of 2019


[Abstracts] The sound installation “primera línea“ is an interdisciplinary project that exposes both the hidden and apparent sonic environment of the Chilean social movement, witnessed in Santiago de Chile between November and December 2019. Is the interference a laser causes in a surveillance camera audible? Can we hear the content of a “rubber“ bullet? The installation interprets “sonic artifacts“ and daily sounds, found and captured at the “primera línea“ of the protests, where the political circumstances have already predetermined an inevitable context of creation, giving the individual pieces a time-and-site-specific character. The artists in residence – Josefine Lukschy and Alexander Meurer (bohemian drips) – are musicians from Berlin (GER)


[About] Josefine Lukschy (born 1989 and raised in Berlin) & Alexander Meurer (born 1989 and raised in Varna, Bulgaria) are freelance musicians and artists in Berlin. Both are multi-instrumentalists in bands and music collectives of different genres, including the free jazz collective “Die Milchstraße flockt” or the bands “Dog Dimension”, “Kolophonium”, “The Queef Of England” and “Bechamel”. Alexander Meurer runs the renowned experimental label bohemian drips and is the founder and curator of “Speichers” – a festival for site-specific music in Berlin.

At the end of 2019, Lukschy and Meurer developed the sound installation Primera Línea, which consists of collected street fighting artefacts and sound recordings from the protests, as part of a sound art residency by the Goethe Institute and Galería Tajamar in Santiago de Chile.