Jonny Labrada Ramirez

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Exploration of Vocal Sound

[Abstract]This workshop focusses on the relation between vocal sound and the human. In the mode of responsivity and with a practice of refinement of the senses, we enter a path of vocal and sensual play and transformation. With our senses and vocality, we bring the world to us and intertwine with it. In an ongoing process of vocality, the voice loses its inscription as medium or mere sign of identity and becomes an alter ego. Its own semantic field unveils in its strangeness, in the voice behind the voice behind the voice… As a bridge between phenomenology and physiology, Ulrike Sowdniok’s model of three parameters of vocal sound description will be established and practically explored. The workshop will use both, English and German.

[Bio]Jonny Labrada Ramirez is a student of musicology and cultural studies as well practicing speech therapist in Berlin. His main interests lie in exploring the multidimensionality of voice, body knowledge and the refinement of senses. Besides functional voice practices like the Rabine method or the applied voice anthropology of Ulrike Sowodniok any aspect or approach inspires and guides his thinking that calls upon the vivid within.

[Further reading:]
  • Ulrike Sowodniok, Stimmklang und Freiheit. Zur auditiven Wissenschaft des Körpers, Bielefeld 2013.

  • Ulrike Sowniok, »The Voice«, in: The Bloomsbury Handbook of the Anthropology of Sound, hrsg. von Holger Schulze, New York 2021, S. 111–128.


    Jonny Labrada Ramirez ist Student der Musik- und Kulturwissenschaft, sowie praktizierender Logopäde in Berlin. Seine Hauptinteressen liegen in der Multidimensionalität der Stimme, Körperwissen und in Verfeinerungen der Sinne. Neben funktionaler Stimmzugänge wie der Rabine-Methode oder der angewandten Stimmanthropologie nach Ulrike Sowodniok inspiriert und führt ihn jeder Aspekt, der an das Lebendige in uns appelliert.