[Title] Generative Macro Composition Techniques for Music Synthesis Systems

[Abstract] One of the challenges modern electronic musicians face is the ability to spontaneously compose or improvise in the way musicians that play more traditional instruments can. A propossed solution is to take a macro compositional approach where the composer focuses on larger characteristics of the composition instead of details of individual notes. These macro characteristics can be as simple as tempo, more complicated multi-parameter controls, or complex derivations abstracted through environmental analysis. A case study using custom analog electronics is presented.

[Bio]: Erik Dower started playing music at an early age and studied music technology at Berklee College of Music in the mid 1990's where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree.
Over the years he has worked for various music technology companies, taking a prominent role developing the step sequencing software Spectrum with DSPaudio. 2015 brought the release of his patented quadrophonic mixer design for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems and in 2018 he founded the Metabolic Devices brand of modular synthesizers.